Stampede: Racing Royale - Community Support and Info

See all news 30th January 2024

heyhey racers!

With a work-in-progress version of Stampede: Racing Royale speeding onto Xbox Insider Program, we're sharing ways for all players to get in touch with our team, report anything they've experienced in the game, and share their thoughts on how we can make improvements. 

Xbox Insider Tools

Playing Stampede through Xbox Insider Program means you'll have access to tools and information that help you inform us on what you're experiencing. Look out for notifications in the Insider app for announcements, surveys, and more. Within the game itself, check your Inbox for links and key info, too. 

Xbox's 'Report A Problem' option can also be used whilst you're playing to submit a report. Our development team receive these reports, so include as much detail as you can and we'll investigate. 

Official Reporting Form

Much like 2023's playtests, we also have an official reporting form for Stampede: Racing Royale players. Use the link below to access the form, send over as much detail as you can about the issue you've come across, and we'll take a look. Thank you!

Discord, Trello and More

Want to track the status of something you've reported? Want to discuss your Stampede experience with our team and other players? Or just wanna check out some cool content? Join the official Stampede: Racing Royale Discord server to be part of our community! Hang out with us and see how Stampede is taking shape. 

For the most commonly-reported topics, we have this Trello board, where players can view their status, review past news and patch notes, and more. Of course, give our channels a follow on Instagram, X, TikTok, and Facebook, where all key news and extra fun stuff will be shared.