Stampede: Racing Royale - FAQs

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Hey there! With Stampede: Racing Royale heading to Xbox Insider Program, below are FAQs for all the key points around how to play, the status of Stampede and - if you're new around here - what the game is all about.

If your question isn't answered here, you can chat with our team in the game's official Discord server, or check our channels on X, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook for latest info.

What is Xbox Insider Program and how do I access Stampede: Racing Royale on it?  

Xbox Insider Program is a place for players to check out work-in-progress versions of games, available on Xbox consoles and Windows PC. It’s free and available to all users.  

We’ve rolled out a new version of Stampede: Racing Royale on this platform to give players a glimpse of what we’re working on, whilst testing performance and quality.  

To access the game on Xbox Series X|S: Go to the Store on your console, search for ‘Xbox Insider Hub’ and download the free app. Launch the app, go to the ‘Previews’ tab, select the Stampede: Racing Royale option and you’ll quickly be added to the preview. The game will then start downloading to your console.  

To access the game on Windows: Go to the Microsoft Store from your desktop, search for ‘Xbox Insider Hub’ and download the free app. Make sure you’re logged in with your Microsoft account. In the app, go to the ‘Previews’ tab and you’ll see Stampede: Racing Royale. Hit ‘Join’ and follow the instructions to download and play!  

Can anyone play on Xbox Insider Program?   

For this version of Stampede on Xbox Insider Program, a cap of 50,000 downloads of the game is in place. Anyone with an Xbox account can use the steps above to opt-in and download the game. If you follow the steps and have no option to download the game, we have hit our 50,000 cap – so make sure to enter the action soon! An Xbox Game Pass subscription is not needed to play, either! 

How long will the game be playable for on Xbox Insider program?  

Stampede: Racing Royale will be live for multiple weeks on Xbox Insider Program. We don’t have a specific end date, as we plan to give our development team as long as they need to assess performance and make further improvements. When an end date is chosen, we’ll let you know. 

What’s the difference between this version of the game and last year’s Steam playtests? 

In short: A lot! This version of Stampede includes a wide range of community-requested additions and improvements following 2023’s playtests. This content remains a work in progress and may be tweaked ahead of Early Access launch. Key changes and additions include: 

  • Special Events – limited-time standalone events with unique prizes 
  • Challenges – earn rewards by completing objectives throughout the game 
  •  Over 450 customisation items to discover for your kart and character 
  • New kart designs, each with unique performance stats
  • New maps, map variants, and a new mode (Zombie Battle) alongside Race and Battle modes
  • Season and Account rewards – play and progress to increase your level and unlock rewards 
  • Tweaks and improvements across the board to improve game balance, visuals, and quality of life

Will my progress on Xbox Insider Program be carried over when Early Access begins? 

In a word: No. This is because the content in Xbox Insider Program is a preview of the initial Season of Stampede: Racing Royale, which officially begins when Early Access launches. Progress will be reset after the Xbox Insider Program ends, so all players in Early Access start their journey at the same level. 

Is there a future reward for players who play on Xbox Insider Program? 

Yes! Xbox Insiders will receive an exclusive customisation item in a later version of Stampede: Racing Royale on Xbox or Windows PC. The reward will be delivered to the Xbox/Microsoft account you used for Xbox Insiders, so make sure you’re using the same account when playing future versions of the game.  

Is this the final version of the game?  

Nope. We’re getting there! Stampede: Racing Royale remains in development, but we want to give our community more chances to try out what we’re doing and give us their thoughts. This is a work-in-progress version, meaning some areas of the game may be incomplete and you may bump into an issue or two. Let us know if you spot anything that doesn’t look right.  

Is there a minimum PC spec to play on Windows?  

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @3.20GHz  / AMD Ryzen 3 2300U 
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 / AMD Radeon RX 560  
OS: Windows 10  

What languages is the game available in?  

For Xbox Insider Program, alongside English there will be language options for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Polish. A small number of English lines may still appear in all languages – we’re continuing to optimise this for future versions.  

Can I buy items in the game?  

For the Xbox Insider Program, in-game purchases using real money are deactivated, because progress will be reset when this version closes. The Shop will still be open for players to browse and buy items with in-game currency. When Early Access begins, players will be able to make in-game purchases with real money, if they wish. All purchasable content in future versions will be for visual items that do not affect your performance or chances of success.   

How can I give feedback and speak to the Stampede: Racing Royale team?  

Within Xbox Insider Program, you can use the ‘Report a Problem’ option to send us a report on anything you’d like our team to investigate. We’ll also be rolling out quick surveys on the platform, for players to share their opinion.  

Outside of the app, our official reporting form is in place for all players to submit detailed reports. The Stampede: Racing Royale Discord server will also be live, where you can reach out to our team to report something or make a suggestion, as well as meet fellow players.

What is Stampede: Racing Royale?  

Stampede: Racing Royale is a 60-player kart racing game, coming to Steam via Early Access. Stampede combines wild 60-player events with a thrilling, competitive knockout-style system, challenging all players to lead the herd, take the win, and be the last kart standing. Players compete in a wide range of events, unlock kart and character customisation items, and discover new challenges and rewards to constantly race for.  

Is an online connection required to play?  

Yes. As all events in Stampede: Racing Royale are online multiplayer, an internet connection is required to participate.  

Can I make more than one character or kart?  

Players have one character and kart assigned to their profile. However, you can change all the customisation options of your character or kart as often as you like, from the Garage tab.   

How can I view and edit the control scheme?  

The options for game controls on both keyboard and controller are available in the Settings. From the main menu, select the cog in the bottom left corner. As well as a default preset control scheme, players can customise inputs and bind actions to different buttons and keys.  

How can I unlock and equip different customisation items?   

Any helmets and outfits for your character that you have unlocked can be equipped in the Garage menu. Cycle between the different tabs to choose from your items. Some cosmetic items will be immediately available, while others can be unlocked as you progress in Stampede: Racing Royale.