Stampede: Racing Royale - Survey for Xbox Insider Program Playtest

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heyhey folks! 

For the Xbox Insider Program playtest of Stampede: Racing Royale, our official community survey is now live

Just like last year's playtest, we're gathering feedback, reports, and suggestions in all kinds of ways from the Stampede community, to help drive the direction of the game. Last year's survey feedback helped our team make important changes that you can now check out on Insider Program, so we're looking for your input once again, as we race towards Early Access!

The survey can be accessed via the link below: 

Yet to play Stampede on Xbox Insider Program? Here's an overview of what it's all about, and we've also provided FAQs on how to play and what to expect

As always, a massive thank you to our community for your support and input on Stampede: Racing Royale!